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For a Buyer

Online auctions allow you to purchase used items from the comfort of your home. Auctions are made over a period of 7 and 14 days.

Auctions are conducted in preset increments, moreover, these increments are specified in the details of each auction.

If you are coveting an item, it is important to stay tuned when the auction is closing, as the closing is said to be ‘soft’, which means that each time a bet is placed there will be extra time added to the auction until no one bids on the item.

If you cannot be present when the said auction closes, you can predetermine a maximum amount, which you consider valid for the lot, and the system will increase for you up to the limit you set for it.

You then have 8 business days, after the auction closes, to pay and pick up the won lot(s).

Be scrupulous and come and inspect the items that interest you.

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Important Informations :

  • read the descriptions as well as the terms and conditions of each auction;
  • inspection is recommended;
  • it is recommended setting your maximum amount, bids are then made automatically;
  • you have 8 business days to pay and pick up your items. Otherwise, fees are charged;
  • the auction fees are 15 % + taxes;


Storage Fees

One week after auction closes, a storage fee of $5/business day is charged with each lot stored up to the amount paid for the lot.